The Home of E3,
We are Happy and Proud to announce that we have been Nominated Again this year for Best cover band on Long Island, Best NON Cover band (yes, that means our original material) and our Lead Vocalist, Tom Pekar, Nominated for Best singer from Long Island as well. Please Vote for us every day, and lets show the rest of the island what our fans already know!


E3 is an Amazing Rock Power Trio, with many years of combined live performace experience. Polished veterens of the music scene, they can cover a wide variety of musical tastes to satisfy most any audience and will deliver the music night after night!

Tom Pekar is a long time Veteren of the East Coast Music Scene, having played alongside some of the Rock Royalty of New York. Beginning his professional career in his teens, he went on to found "the Fury" with Keith St. John of Montrose fame, a powerful and wildly popular hard rock band that featured not only intense performances by virtuosic musicians but also pyrotechnic fueled performances with wild stage antics, popular at the time and visually entertaining. Influenced by artists like Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse and Eddy Van Halen, he has blended his unique style of guitar into a steadily weaving tapestry of sonic wonder which will be sure to keep you all at the edge of your seats. His Classically trained Vocal ability had delighted audiences for the past 12 years at the helm of E3, and earned him numerous awards and recognitions, including being nominated for Best vocalist on long island for the past 3 years in a row. He has been called a true talent to be recognized here in New York. 
Alongside his partners Edward J. Kern and Michael Robinson, they have proven that a trio can sound like a 10 piece band, providing harmonies, and often performing songs that most other bands wouldn't take on with ease. 

Michael Robinson
A veteran of the Tri State music scene Mike Robinson has been playing professionally since the age of 16. With over 40 years of professional experience and 47 years of drumming, he brings his talents to E3 to help round out the rhythm section of this "Best Of" nominated band. He re-unites with his old band mate Ed Kern to put the power behind Tom Pekar's virtuosic guitar parts. Mike started playing at age 11 with a Sears bought drum set, but in a few short years he graduated to a full double bass Ludwig kit . He was influenced early on by progressive giants like Carl Palmer and Neil Peart, and played in cover bands such as Razerbak, Sanction and Prime Evil. Later he played for the band Street Opera signed to JP Productions. further on in his musical career he played and recorded with other bands and was with the popular Forbidden Zone, an original band with a cult following on Long Island. In E3 he provides the perfect backing vocals to compliment the award winning and nominated Tom Pekar. He also sings lead on a number of tunes where he lends his chorale training to fill out the sound of this popular band. Combined with his powerhouse drumming he rounds out the recipe that creates this very successful and popular band.

Edward J Kern.  
   Electric bass guitar and upright bass, vocals. Ed started playing electric bass and upright  bass in local bands around age 14 . He was influenced strongly by the late 60's and 1970's jazz fusion ,world music , psychedelic & Progressive rock movements. His dedication and virtuosity for his instrument is well know. Ed has worked with a myriad of fine players including the world class guitarist Larry Meyer  and the internationally well know progressive heavy metal band Saharra , resulting in three releases on Arkeyn steel in Greece , and Fna records in the united states. He has recorded with many artist's and has been a featured performer with many acts in the tri state area.
  Ed is very happy to currently be in the fantastic original / cover band E3 with fellow virtuoso musicians Tom Pekar and Mike Robinson. in addition to teaching music lessons for the town of Babylon summer recreation programs, the school of rock , private instruction and at pro rockers east music store, He has done recording sessions ,including a residency as the house bassist and guitarist for our time productions (rap music studio). Ed excels at a multitude of bass instruments including The five string , six string , eight string , fretted, fretless basses and upright bass.
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